10 Best Alternatives of Facetime for Android

Have you recently shifted to android? 

And want to use facetime app on your android phone? 

You can have facetime for android using facetime apk but if you are looking for an alternative then you are at the right place. 

Facetime for android

Alternatives of Facetime for Android Users: 

Here is a list of 10 best FaceTime alternatives that an Android user can consider. 

Google Hangout

Hangout is Google’s answer to FaceTime. You can easily download it on your phone or desktop and use it as a real-time video and text service. You can connect up to ten people at once and enjoy the perks of a group chat. The voice calls are absolutely free and it supports cellular data connection like a champ. It only has one drawback- unexplained glitches may interrupt your voice calls. Google is actively working on them for a smooth customer experience. 


Launched in 2003, Skype is one of the oldest platforms to support video conferencing. In that era, this app was only designed to support windows computers/phones. After a complete take over by the Android (over the Windows) in the mobile segment, Skype received multiple updates to stay in the fight. Till today, most of the corporates use Skype to address their video conferencing needs. Earlier, you had a pay a subscription fee for group chats, but today, they are a part of the basic package. If you want HD video chats, Skype is the one to choose. 

Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings received much hype at the beginning of quarantine. Why? You can add up to 100 participants in a group video chat. That’s amazing, isn’t it? The video calls are clear, sound quality is pretty average and you will witness a few hiccups, which is manageable. The app is available on the play store for free and the company is actively working to boost customer satisfaction. 


Every smartphone owner on the planet is aware of Whatsapp. You can use this platform to chat (text/video) from any part of the world. With the latest update, you can add up to 8 participants in group chat. It is a popular and reliable platform that invests good resources to boost the security of the app. 


It was designed as an audio and text messaging app. Soon, the company decided to add ‘video chats’ to the app’s capable list of functions. Though you can install Viber on a desktop, its main strength lies in mobile devices. Thanks to its intuitive design and clean look, people prefer to use it over Skype. Like other applications, Viber also hosts a disadvantage. If your friend is not a Viber user, you can’t send him/her SMS from within Viber. 

Facebook Messenger

Many of us have been using Facebook Messenger since our childhood. It was the next boom after ‘Orkut’ where you could connect with your friends/loves ones from around the world. It initially started as a text messaging service and video chats were added after a while. It is still a great platform to have social interactions. You can add up to 50 participants in a single video call. It’s more than enough to connect for a birthday call with your entire family. 

Google Duo

Google has never been successful in terms of messaging apps, but Google Duo has the potential to change the company’s history. Google Duo rocks an instinctive design with stable performance. Whether you are on a WiFi or cellular connection, you can easily make one to one or group calls/video chats like a boss. The app has placed the necessary encryption to protect your privacy. Google Duo has a great feature (Knock-Knock) that allows you to view the caller via live video preview. 


Though Line is much popular in Japan, it has managed to grab a few million users around the world. One of its key features- you can add up to 200 participants in a group video call. Apart from it, Line is equipped with standard features like stickers, filters, effects, etc. 


After its launch in 2012, Snapchat managed to grab a lot of attention from its Bitmojis, live filters, and reality stickers. Till now, Snapchat is known as the ‘King of filters’. With the growing demand, the company also added a video call feature where you can add up to 16 people at once. 


Just like any other social messaging app, JusTalk allows its users to make single/group video and voice calls with a click of a button. The app works perfectly with the help of a stable WiFi connection. Users can also make international calls by paying a small charge. Its strength-up to 16 participants in a single group video call. As a cross-platform, JusTalk allows you to connect with your Facebook friends and contacts without any trouble. You can also block the callers if need be. 

With the advancement in technology, we are more likely to see multiple messaging apps in a span of a few years. But if you are looking for a suitable FaceTime alternative for your Android phone right now, these 10 are the best among the lot. 

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