Facetime not Working: Here is how to fix it?

FaceTime is not working properly ?

Don’t worry.

In this tutorial, we are going to look at the solutions that have helped millions of users around the world.

1. Apple Servers Downtime

The recent global outbreak has forced the engineers to remain indoors that has left plenty of businesses helpless. Apple servers might not be functioning normally because they don’t have enough engineers to look after it. Now, check the FaceTime servers status in your region and confirm, whether you have video calling server downtime or something else.

Step 1: Open mobile/desktop browser and go to the System Status page.

Step 2: Check the FaceTime status. Check the last updated time for refreshed information.

Facetime not working

The green button indicates that everything is fine and working normally. The yellow color indicates that the service is not functioning normally and engineers are working to solve it, meanwhile, red color is the worst part that occurs rarely.

2. Disable Content Restrictions in iOS 11 and 12

Apple wants to grope parent’s attention and encourage them to purchase iPhones and iPads for children and that’s where parental controls come in. The Cupertino-based manufacturer worked on the Parental Control system that allows the device to restrict content on the phone or tablet. The troublesome controls could have restricted FaceTime because most of the users don’t understand it properly.

In iOS 11:

Step 1: Go to the Settings app.

Step 2: Tap General.

Step 3: Tap Restrictions and Disable it.

In iOS 12:

Step 1: Tap on Settings.

Step 2: Tap Screen Time.

Step 3: Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Step 4: Tap on the Content & Privacy Restrictions button to disable it.

iPhone or iPad consumers can control the options manually, and disable what you don’t need in the process. Don’t worry about the limitations because you have unlocked them all in one tap and take control of the privacy restrictions and content restrictions manually.

3. Accidental Deregistration

I woke up in the morning and I have the notification saying that I need to take action on FaceTime to make it work again. I don’t know what causes the iMessage and FaceTime to deregister from the device. However, it has happened to me on the iPhone and it could happen to you in the MacBook or iMac and iPad device. 

Step 1: Tap Settings to begin.

Step 2: Find and tap on FaceTime.

Step 3: Tap FaceTime to disable it and restart the phone.

Step 4: Follow the same instructions and tap to enable the feature again.

The iOS mobile operating system will send an SMS to confirm the identity and continue the services. None of the consumers have to worry about deregistration because you can kick the service back on by following disable/enable the process. Make sure to have enough credit balance for SMS and the service does require confirmation via text message.

4. Enable Data Roaming & Settings

FaceTime is not controlled by the cellular/Telecommunication company and is operated via FaceTime servers. You need an active internet connection for the video calling feature to work smoothly and choose the right settings to keep it that way. In this case, you have to enable Data Roaming and Data & Voice, if you are on 4G or 5G internet connection.

Step 1: Tap Settings.

Step 2: Tap Cellular.

Step 3: Tap Cellular Data Options.

Step 4: Turn on the Data Roaming, and then tap on “Enable 4G” or “Enable 5G” in the iOS mobile operating system. 

Step 5: Now, select “Voice & Data” in the option.

Follow the instructions and you will be able to use FaceTime without any problems. Many iPhone and iPad consumers travel often and these options were created to stop the device from using unnecessary resources. Readers can always revert the process by the following instructions backward.

5. Update Time & Date

iPhone and iPad have digital security certificates to create secure connections between devices and FaceTime servers. Your phone or tablet required to have updated time and date to meet the security policy. Wrong Time & Date creates conflict between security certificate time of publish and Apple servers policy, thus you have a non-working video calling application. 

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Move to General.

Step 3: Find Time & Date.

Step 4: Fix the numbers manually or set it to “Set Automatically” for the network to take care of it.

Most of the Telecommunication doesn’t have international pacts with other country companies, and you have FaceTime not working problem. It is a problem for individuals who are traveling to remote regions and finding local networks is a difficult process for the phone to update the Time & Date.

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6. Reset Network Settings

The worst-case scenario is resetting network settings on the iPad and iPhone. The device will lose saved form data such as connected Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth connections, and Cellular configuration. Your device network will restore configuration and will solve the configuration-related problems.

Step 1: Start with Settings.

Step 2: Tap on General.

Step 3: Swipe to the bottom and tap Reset.

Step 4: Tap Reset Network Settings.

Step 5: Confirm the action by tapping on Reset Network Settings.

Your device will reboot and iOS will begin resetting network data in black screen mode. Do not force the iOS device to shut down because it does consume one minute to three minutes to complete the process, depending on the device’s real-time performance.

Bottom Line

Now, you can solve FaceTime not working problems by following the solutions that I have suggested in this tutorial. I would love to know what I have missed in the process, and which solution worked in your case in the comment section below.

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