Skype vs Facetime: Which is better?

In this era of digitalization, the usage of video calling apps has been increased. The video calling application has helped us in interacting with our loved ones on the internet. When we talk about video calling platform then we have so many options. However, in this article, we will compare two popular video calling apps namely Skype and Facetime pc.

Moreover, in the end, we will also give you our opinion on both Facetime and Skype.

Skype vs Facetime: Comparision

Skype vs Facetime

Firstly we should know that both Facetime and Skype are good at different-different perspectives. Both of these application offers free video calling service. Skype was launched before Facetime. So clearly Skype is older than Facetime and it has a huge user base in comparison to Facetime.

Now we are going to compare both on certain factors like compatibility, usability, and many others. Additionally, we will also provide our opinion on both of these applications. So let’s get started.

Cross-Platform Compatability :

First of all, we should know that skype is available on all the platforms ranging from Android to iOS and even on desktops. Whereas Facetime is officially an application of Apple which means we can not use it on other platforms except iOS. In simple words, If you have an Android or Windows operating system then you can not use Facetime but you can use Skype on almost every operating system.

Therefore, if we talk about compatibility then Skype is the clear winner. Whereas Facetime is limited to the iOS and macOS devices.

Video quality and flexibility :

It should be noted that iOS products generally have superiority in terms of quality and performance. In addition to this, the performance also depends upon connectivity and stability of internet connection. Among Facetime and Skype, the Facetime application provides a better video calling experience than Skype. However, Skype also offers great audio and video quality but Facetime is slightly better than it.

Therefore in terms of quality standards, Facetime is better than Skype.

The functionality of Skype and Facetime :

Skype offers a variety of functions and features. Some of them include smart messaging, private conversations, call forwarding, etc. On the other hand, facetime does not offer many features as compared to Skype.

It should be noted that both Skype and Facetime provides group video calling features. Skype and Facetime support 50 and 31 people in a group video call respectively. One thing to note about Skype is that it also has poll options in a group which means you can create and vote on a poll in a group.

Hence, Skype is way ahead in the number of features and functionality than Facetime.

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Interface and Usability :

It’s obvious that due to more functionality the user interface of Skype is quite complex than that of Facetime. On the other hand, Facetime gives priority to video quality and since it is exclusively made for iOS devices hence its User Interface is simple. 

One would not find many functions and options on the main screen of Facetime whereas there are plenty of options present on the interface of Skype.

Skype offers us the feature to change the interface and customize the background as per our requirement but Facetime does not provide any such customization.

Security Standards :

Facetime and Skype both provide excellent security services. Moreover, if we talk about encryption in text messages and video call then both offers end to end encryption to the user.

So in terms of security and protection, both are equally superior.

Conclusion :

As we said earlier we will also give our opinion so we recommend you to first go with the application which suits your requirement. Meanwhile one should remember that overall Skype is much better than Facetime due to its availability on cross-platforms, functionality, and usability.

But if you own an Apple device then we suggest you go with Facetime as it is exclusively made for iOS devices. On the contrary, if you own a device other than iOS then Skype is the only option for you.

At last, we would like to say that choosing between these two applications is on you. We hope this article will help you in deciding between Skype vs Facetime. Thank you for reading.

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